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Cold Email Outreach Done For You

We Book High Quality Sales Calls With Your Ideal Customers

Using Individually Personalized Cold Emails

Who We Help?

For B2B companies it’s hard trying to find your ideal customers with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and other popular ad platforms. SEO is too slow and the newspapers are dying. B2B companies need the ability to reach out to the exact type of clients that match their ideal customers without all the moving parts of running paid traffic, writing content, or the high advertising costs of the newspaper.

We help B2B companies find their ideal clients, send outreach campaigns, and fill your calendars with sales calls so you can focus on creating advertising for your clients.

Our Process

Build a Laser Targeted Lists

Based on our onboarding form and a few clarifying questions we will know who you want to talk to. We will build highly targeted relevant lists of leads to send emails to.

Highly Persionalized Email Copy

We write high-quality and compelling email copy we know will get opened and responded to. You will have the chance to approve any template we create in our sequence. Our templates have worked across several industries.

Follow Up Until a Call is Booked

We will review each emails KPI’s to determine each step where we can improve. We continue sending new emails with different angles and copy that will get the prospect to book a call.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee we will send as many emails as as it takes to get you booked 10 quality leads per month. We do this by using highly personalized emails, using no spam tactics or misleading information. We will only send to prospect lists you approve of and only send emails you approve of.

Booking Qualified Calls

Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Let us find the ideal clients you would like to talk to and warm them up to your business before they book a call with your team.

"Thank you for keeping our lead flow coming in through the year."

– Ian J.

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